Imagine If Apple Did THAT !!! Samsung Epic Fails

Imagine if Apple did THAT !!! Samsung commits more Epic Fails and gets off easy. But Apple gets hammered while competitors benefit from double standards.

Samsung has been havin’ a time of it !!! What with the colossal, calamitous, jaw dropping, really just awe inspiring disaster that has been the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Boy, yikes…. there was the epic fail of a launch back in April. Then the relaunch in Sept. and the “it’s all good now” but full of warnings to, like, not use it like normal stuff, or ELSE !! Then the, awe so sad, still doesn’t work – that immediately followed. Well, at least Samsung doesn’t let that keep them down.

Samsung’s Galaxy team, and Chevy Chase impression of Gerald Ford on SNL, decided this is the perfect time to run Galaxy Fold commercials. Geez, a normal person might have been embarrassed enough after all that mess to not make any noise, like running their mouth off in commercials, but not these Aces. Heck, Samsung doesn’t suffer from shame. Nor common sense, nor… gee whiz, even laws sometimes.

Now that all the work on migrating to WordPress is done, I’m catching up on ideas that have been piling up while I was working on that. This news broke a few weeks ago, but I thought it was funny and relevant enough to write about anyway.

Imagine If Apple Did That !!!
– Oct 2019 Edition

The Macalope recounts a lot of these Samsung Oppsy’s about the Galaxy Fold and notes this:

…try to imagine the months of caterwauling that would ensue if Apple shipped a device in that state. Much of it would be done with actual cats.

The Macalope

Good thing Samsung doesn’t make a habit of stuff like that, cause, that would be ugly. Oh wait, but there was that thing with the exploding phones back in 2016.

Oh and… ah…. now there’s also the Galaxy S10 that could be unlocked with anyone’s fingerprint. And the other week that Samsung SpaceSelfie satellite that crashed onto a Michigan farm.

And wasn’t somebody’s face just as red as all get out, with that one.

Samsung SpaceSelfie web site is still up and running as I write this. But, oops, just says “We’re Sorry”. Isn’t that special.

Jealous much, Samsung ?

In Samsung’s press release on the SpaceSelfie they had this to add:

In 2014, the world’s most famous selfie taken by Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars was taken on a Samsung Galaxy Note3.


Awwww, do you have a little Apple envy ? Just had to slip that in there, didn’t cha’ ?

Ellen DeGeneres and George Bush

I guess Samsung was snoozin’ when all the hubbub happened in early Oct, when Ellen was laughin’ it up with George Bush, but had apparently switched to a new iPhone 11 Pro.

Well, who can blame Samsung for missing that. After all they were working hard on writing that press release bragging about Ellen using a Galaxy – which they published…. (squinting at Samsung press release) …. ahhh…. about 3 weeks BEFORE the Ellen Bush story. Oh….

Oopsy ? (embarrassed grin saying “you caught me”)

You know what ?! This is getting to be kind of a habit with you people.

If Apple Had Done That

So why does Samsung, and Google, and Microsoft – and, and, and – get away with epic fails like this, while Apple gets hammered for stuff way smaller ? Double standards ? For sure. The bar is set higher for Apple than others and it’s not fair. But expectations got so much higher, because they clear that bar with room to spare so often.

Back to The Macalope again:

[Extreme JFK voice] We choose to go into space! We choose to go into space and take “selfies” that are not really selfies because you’re not actually in space! We choose to do these things not because they are easy, but because they are OH GOD LOOK OUT IT’S COMING DOWN!

Fortunately no people or animals were hurt by Samsung’s satellite of self love.

But… can you imagine the giddiness of the tech press if Apple had done that? Even The Macalope is having a hard time.

The Macalope

Right there with ya’ buddy…. (shaking head in disgust)

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