Apple Rumors of Under Display Fingerprint Sensor Seem Wrong

There have been many rumors about Apple shipping an iPhone with a fingerprint sensor under the display, and they are missing some big things that cause the whole idea to make NO sense.

Adding up to – That’s just not how Apple does things. And these rumors seem like more proof that some reporters and analysts still do not understand how Apple works.

Today’s latest rumor report just appeared in MacRumors in 2020 iPhone Rumored to Have Under-Display Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner Supplied by Qualcomm. It also includes several links to previous rumor reports.

But Apple Already Told Us No & Why No

I recall that back before Face ID shipped in the iPhone X, 2 years ago in 2017, there was a lot of FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) about Face ID – check out Apple Face ID FUD or How To Tell When Someone is Clueless and my Apple’s iPhone X Review: Part 1 or Why is Face ID Better & More Secure ?.

And way back then Apple Dismisses Rumors of Ever Putting Touch ID on Back, Side, or Under Display of iPhone X.

And yet… now it’s back again. It does seem like No One Can Clue-Less Better Than The Professionals.

Why Face ID & Touch ID in the Same iPhone ?

Face ID is more secure than Touch ID. So why add inferior fingerprint tech ? And why increase the cost to do that ?

That makes no sense.

Under Display Costs More Than Touch ID

Apple still uses Touch ID in lower priced iPhones that use a less expensive LCD display. That latest MacRumors rumor notes that:

Given the ultrasonic technology only works with OLED displays, the sensor will likely be limited to higher-end iPhones.

Which means under display fingerprint sensors would have to be used in the more expensive iPhones with OLED displays, and it’s less secure than the Face ID that is already in them.

That makes no sense. And it’s another thing that Apple would just not do.

Samsung’s Epic Fail

This latest rumor and others, mention that Samsung uses under display fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy S10. And they seems to forget that the Galaxy S10 that could be unlocked with anyone’s fingerprint. Until Samsung fixed the security flaw.

Why would Apple want to follow Samsung’s Epic Fails ?

That makes no sense.

Does It Take Up Space ?

Apple has been increasing space in the iPhone for bigger batteries that last longer. That is perhaps one of the reasons they removed 3D Touch, because that tech took up space under the display, but did not have a high enough customer value prop.

So if under display fingerprint tech takes space away, and also doesn’t add customer value, then…

That makes no sense.

(Are you sensing a theme here…)

Apple Might Use Under Display Fingerprint Tech – IF…

  1. It was better than the current Touch ID button.
    And didn’t add cost.
  2. It was better than Face ID. Or at least as good as.
    And didn’t add cost.
  3. It did not take space away from battery or other tech.

Apple is Experimenting

I suspect these rumors are coming out for the same reasons other Apple rumors circulate, but never ship in any products. I have no doubt that Apple has, or perhaps still is experimenting with under display fingerprint tech. So the rumors might come from that activity.

And some of these rumors are sources from the supply chain. Which would know about some tech that Apple is testing, but knows nothing about Apple’s actual design decisions, because they are made in California. And that’s why those rumors have been way wrong before.

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