iPhone now matches BlackBerry in enterprise security

Actually this has probably been true since iOS 5 shipped a year ago.  They are just getting around to acknowledging it now.  And iOS 6 drops tomorrow.

Don’t expect anyone to say the same about Android.  It’s so open that malware and virus hackers find it very warm and cozy.  That’s way too open for consumer devices and enterprise use.

Speaking of… I just got a cheap Android mini tablet so I can ramp my skills up on Android.  The business model for apps on Android blows right now, but with so many devices out there it’s bound to improve soon.

It’s a Google sold and supported Nexus 7 with the latest tech and OS for just $199.  It’s cheap but a good investment for skills development.  If you’re in the mobile app biz, you need to be in iOS and Android.

From BGR, Experts: iPhone now matches BlackBerry in enterprise security.

“This is probably not what RIM executives wanted to read with their coffee this morning, but TechRepublic reports that both analysts and CIOs say that Apple’s iPhone has now matched RIM’s BlackBerry devices when it comes to enterprise security.”

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