Tech beyond Star Trek & Minority Report. Ships this May

Remember Tom Cruise in Minority Report interacting with a computer screen with hand gestures ?  Well we could be doing that this May !!!  Only better, cause you don’t need to wear special gloves and use a special screen, like he did in the movie.  All you need is this $80 device !!!  (Check out the video)

Now THIS is mind blowing !!!  I hope it catches fire and app developers build apps to take full advantage of it.  3D gesture control could be better than a touch screen.  And it claims to be better than motion control on gaming consoles like Microsoft Xbox Kinect and Sony PlayStation Move – and it’s cheaper too.

Here are photos of Tom Cruise using gesture control in Minority Report

We’ve already some tech better than Star Trek.  We’ve got tablets that are better than Star Trek tablets – look at the low quality (the fragile crappy sound they make when they put them on a table) and odd design of the tablets in any Star Trek series.  And the lack of WiFi like connectivity in the Star Trek series that are placed in earlier centuries, where they use hardwired terminals and data storage modules to transfer data.  And we’ve got touch screens that support gestures – no gesture support in Star Trek tech.  And our voice recognition tech is getting there.

Just a reminder to us all, that future tech is coming to us wicked fast, and at least some of the 21st century predictions are coming true.  And coming NOW.

….And….. don’t blink, or you’ll miss something 🙂

Things to make ya’ go….. Hmmmmmm…

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