May Lotus Software Rest In Peace…..

May Lotus Software Rest In Peace

Well boys….. A sad sad day has finally come.  Perhaps you’ve heard ?  Perhaps not…

Our beloved Lotus Software is now finally dead and gone….. forever.

Murdered, really.  Crippled years ago, in it’s prime, by being forced to join a monster cult.  A Blue and Big cult 😉

The poor kid Lotus had been losing and losing it’s true self ever since it joined that cult.  It took some hard blows right after the cult came and took it away.  But, Lotus kept punchin’ and fightin’.  Not too many years ago though……

After struggling and being left to flounder without much help from it’s big brother cult, it lost it’s will to go on.  It’s been on life support ever since.  And now….. dead as a proverbial door nail.  A mercy killing really, that should have been done years ago.

Strangely, it’s siblings that were also forced into the cult, still remain.  Poor Lotus is survived by it’s siblings like WebSphere, Tivoli and Rational.  But for some unknown reason, the Blue cult decided that the once, long long ago powerful Lotus had to die.  Especially unjust when you consider that the Blue cult’s industry changing hit called PC was only made possible due to a long dead Lotus creation that was known as 123.  The simply named 123, made people actually buy the expensive, heavy and, before 123, previously useless PC.  Back in the day, Lotus was the biggest of it’s kind.  Bigger then all of it’s later cult siblings combined.

If there is to be any justice in the world, perhaps the long ago upstart that grew up with Lotus, may soon meet the same fate.  That little upstart known as Microsoft.  Perhaps that Redmond, Washington based cult will also someday be made obsolete, by massive paradigm shifts to tiny slivers of light and glass and metal and plastic that you can carry with you anywhere and access absolutely everything.  And other massive shifts that our Blue and Red (mond) cults just can’t understand……

Maybe…… Someday…..Sooner than we think…..


Anyway, trying to get a laugh out of this sad milestone.

I just noticed this today:  IBM has removed the Lotus brand from the product names of everything that once carried the yellow Lotus brand.  IBM Lotus Notes is now IBM Notes.  IBM Lotus Connections is now IBM Connections.  Etc.  But most of the other brands remain.  Odd.  Maybe some market research gearhead did a survery that told them what thier long time customers, already noticed that….  Lotus is dead.

Yet another sign that the era of PCs is over.

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