The PC Industry of the Past Is Not the PC Industry of the Future

I keep coming across more leading (bleeding?) edge stuff on this post PC paradigm shift I’ve been talking about.  This one from Techpinions seemed particularly enlightened.

“The consumer market will dwarf the business/pro market by magnitudes. The PC industry of the past, is not the PC industry of the future. The opportunity has shifted from business to consumer and it is growing faster than many anticipated. Many were not prepared and the pain of this reality has been life changing for all PC vendors.”

– Hence that very big and recent drop in PC market growth.

“Innovations around mobile devices are among the most important innovations for the PC industry of the future.”

…” we are barely scratching the surface of mobile computing. There is still massive software innovation ahead”…

– Anyone got a good idea for a startup ? 😀

“Anyone who believes innovation is dead is wrong and lacks vision..”

“The companies I am not worried about and the ones who will be in the PC industry of the future understand mobilility and understand consumer markets. Right now that is a very short list.”

–  And MicroSucks ain’t on it !!!

(Most PC vendors) “have the wrong definition of mobile computing. Couple that with a lack of understanding of consumer markets and it is bad news for the traditional PC vendors unless they really get the mobile religion”…

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