Microsoft just don’t get it

It’s not just that Windows 8 & RT sucks giant elephant ass !!!  It’s that there’s just no THERE there….. There’s no touch apps there.  Not enough anyway.

And…. Nobody cares anymore.  They misfired soooo many times for 2 decades now on the tablet thing, and about half that long with phones, that everybody with a clue expects MS to keep screwin’ it up.

Even the latest Office 2013 is a giant turd of a touch screen tablet app.  If MS can’t give a crap enough to get their own apps right, why would anyone else ?!?!?

Sad…….SO sad…..  (head shaking with a grin)

Acer chairman knocks Windows RT yet again

“Top executives from the company have called Windows 8 a flop and bashed Microsoft for its Surface tablet, but at the same time Acer’s president Jim Wong has also defended the operating system.”

Microsoft tries to stave off Windows RT flop by slashing fees

“Microsoft’s struggles to make inroads in the tablet market with Windows RT are well documented, but the company still seems to think it can make lemonade out of what has been described as a very large lemon.”

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