Microsoft Xbox One Just Had A Very Bad Day

If you haven’t been tracking the market, MS, Sony and maybe even Apple are on the verge of releasing new gaming platforms. The one area where Microsoft isn’t sucking giant elephant ass :-)) and it looks like they’re starting to screw that market up too.

The good old Redmond magic at work (emoticon of someone flippin’ the bird with a grin)

According to the report The Xbox One Just Had A Very Bad Day:

“In two weeks’ time, we may look on this as one of the smartest PR moves of all time. But for now? It’s been a bad day for Microsoft.”

“Seeking perhaps to head off criticisms that it had been vague (at best) and incompetent (at worst) in its messaging of core Xbox One services at the console’s reveal last month, Microsoft today unleashed a flood of news, detailing the specifics of how the machine handles things like internet connectivity and used game sales.”

“The news was almost all bad.”

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