Leap Motion’s 3-D Motion Control Tech Launches – Review to Follow

Leap Motion's 3-D Motion Control Tech launched today.

Leap Motion‘s 3-D Motion Control Tech launched today and the pre-ordered motion controllers are shipping.

So I’m ready to take my #FirstLeap – I’m just waiting for my Leap Motion Controller that I pre-ordered to arrive.  I’ll post a product review once I get it and have time to give it a good going’s over.

Their press release says:

Hundreds of thousands of people pre-ordered the $79.99 Leap Motion Controller, which the company began shipping last week.

I haven’t gotten any emails from them regarding my order status yet, the order status link in my order confirmation email does not work and they haven’t charged my credit card, so I can only assume it hasn’t shipped yet – Damn :-}  But, I’ll cut them some slack – it’s their first product and they got a ton of pre-orders and interest.

Update Fri, July 26:  
My Leap Motion controller arrived late today (it shipped on Wed, July 24).  As soon as I can spend enough time trying it out, I’ll post a First Look review.

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