Microsoft Anti-iPad Ads Clever but a Sad Attempt

With Microsoft’s latest anti-iPad ad, they are starting to look sad and pathetic.
(I’m being generous here – they’ve look sad from the beginning).

Microsoft Releases New Anti-iPad Ad Highlighting Surface Accessories

MacRumors – Friday July 19, 2013
This one highlights the Surface stand, keyboard and USB port.  It’s sad cause it’s just all kinds a wrong.

Here’s why:

Surface Built-In Stand is a Bad Design

Surface’s stand kills it’s ability to support a case, and the lucrative case market along with it.  People want and need a case to protect it, and lots of iPad cases provide a much better and more functional stand then the crappy built in stand on the Surface.

iPad has lots of keyboard options

I do admire the Surface’s Touch Cover keyboard.  It’s a clever innovation, and it is a much better alternative to the keyboard less SmartCover from Apple.  But a lot of people won’t buy either.  Those that want a real case that offers full back and front protection, or a keyboard case, or any other of the upteen options available for Apple’s iPad.

USB Port

Well…. Surface has got ya’ there iPad.  Being able to use some USB accessories is kinda handy.  But I’m not sure it’s a real use case for most people.  I’m a geek, so I’d use it.  It’s a nice to have feature, but I don’t “need” it, cause I use a laptop for things that require USB accessories.

No Compelling Value Prop Here

While the USB argument is true, it may not add much value for most people.  And the stand and keyboard arguments are actually ANTI-accesories – they kill your case, stand and keyboard options.  While the iPad has a zillion options, Microsoft has killed your options for the Surface.  Microsoft thinks they know better than you do, about what you need.

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