Microsoft Forced to Slash Surface RT Prices & Reorganize company

Microsoft Surface RT with Touch Cover keyboard

Microsoft ads say….. 

Surface is better than iPad.

Microsoft actions say….. 

Well…. Actually…..Aaaaa.  No, not really.  The Surface sucks so bad we have to slash prices. 

Microsoft Shuffles Executives 

MacRumors – Thursday, July 11, 2013

Microsoft is stealing from Apple again…

“Microsoft hopes that its new focus on unity may help both its Surface tablets and Windows phones … as the company works to build a single integrated experience much like Apple has done.”

Now they’re just trying anything to make things work again…

“This morning, Microsoft announced a restructuring of the company that will see it split into two divisions dedicated to services and devices. A number of executives have seen role shifts as part of the change, with Julie Larson-Green heading up the hardware division and Terry Myerson taking charge of Windows. “

Microsoft Forced to Slash Surface RT Prices Despite Vigorous Anti-iPad Ad Campaign

MacRumors – Thursday July 11, 2013

“Microsoft is planning to drop the prices of its Surface RT tablets by $150, reports The Verge. The lower prices, which will go into effect on Sunday July 14, are likely the result of lackluster sales.”

“Bloomberg reported in March that Microsoft had sold just 1.5 million Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets since they debuted in October of 2012 and February of 2013, respectively, with 400,000 of those sales attributed to the Pro. HP experienced similarly poor sales with its TouchPad, which was heavily discounted and then discontinued.”

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