Apple iPhone event on Sept 10 ? Jim says Yep

The rumors about the inevitable Apple event launching the next iPhone, have been flying fast and loose for months now.  Just today some credible sources have reported a date for it – Sept 10.

Jim says “Yep”

One of those credible sources is, one of my heroes :-), Jim Dalrymple of The Loop.  For those who don’t know him, he’s well known in the Apple community.  The name of his blog is thought by some to be a reference to the street name of Apple’s Cupertino headquarters.

Anyway, Jim is known to be a man of few words sometimes and cuts right to the chase (why I’m a fan).  And when it comes to Apple rumors, he is known to be pretty accurate at confirming or killing them.  On this one Jim says “Yep”.  So that just about makes it a sure thing.

For a few more words on the topic, check out AllThingsD.

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