Mobile App Developers Still Prioritize iOS 1st, Android 2nd but gaining

Mobile App Developer Priorities

As I wrote a year ago, mobile app developers continue to choose to prioritize developing for Apple’s iOS their first priority and Android their second.  But things are changing of course.  As Android gets better and more Android devices are sold, interest in Android apps grows.

Also the research shows that developers prioritize phones first and tablets second.  And all other OSes way below iOS and Android.  And while 35% make iOS on phones their first priority compared to 27% putting Android first, overall more developers are putting Android in their plans.

What I really wanna know is who are the pinheads making Windows Phone and Blackberry first priority !!!  Other than Redmond and well…. Canadians.  Who in their right mind would think – “We gotta hurry up and build our app for those few thousand Blackberry and Windows Phone users.  TA’ hell with those gajillions of iOS and Android people.  They’re just nuts.”

From TechCrunch, iOS Still First Priority For Mobile Developers In North America & Europe, Ahead Of Android — Forrester:

“Forrester found that more than a third (35%) of respondents target iPhones as their first priority device vs less than a third (27%) who target Android phones first. Compared to Flurry data from last year Android certainly looks to be closing in on Apple’s lead — as you’d expect, being as Android commands a far greater chunk of the global smartphone market”

Here’s an interesting stat the types of mobile development.

“Mobile app developers said they spend on average 41% of their time developing native apps vs 46% of their time either building mobile web apps (24%) or hybrid apps with web view components (22%).”

Since hybrid apps can often result in poorer performance and a worse User eXperience (UX) than a native app, I hope and expect that native apps will increase as hybrid apps drop.

From MacRumors, New Survey Reveals iOS Remains Top Priority for Mobile Developers, but Android Seeing Broader Support:

“According to a new survey from research firm Forrester (via TechCrunch), Apple’s iOS phone platform remains the highest priority for mobile software development teams, followed by the Android phone platform and the iOS tablet platform in second and third place respectively.”

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