The Big Switch to iOS from Android

MacRumors reported that way more Android users switch to iOS then the other way.  20% to iOS from Android versus just 7% to Samsung Android from iOS.  But wait, there’s more….

When counting only customers who switched brands, 33% of Apple’s new customers came from Samsung versus only 11%.

Oh, and those Samsung commercials saying Apple is for old people ?  Opps…. Guess what ?  That was bull$#!@ !!!!  Apple customers are younger and make more bank $$$  Cha-CHING !!!

Check the deets….

The deets on 20% to iOS from Android versus just 7%:

Between July 2012 and June 2013, 20% of Apple’s customers came from the Android operating system and 7% of Samsung’s new customers during the time period switched from an iOS device, according to a new report from CIRP. 

Customers who switched brands, 33% for Apple versus Samsung’s 11%:

When taking into account only customers who switched brands, 33% of Apple’s new customers came from Samsung, while just 11% of Samsung’s new customers came from Apple. Samsung attracted more customers from HTC, Motorola, and Nokia, while Apple garnered more BlackBerry users. 

Both companies attracted former basic phone users, though Samsung attracted a good deal more at 37% vs. Apple’s 26%. New phone buyers were more likely to choose a Samsung phone. 

I bet that some basic phone users moved to Samsung because they have simple needs or thought the phones were cheaper.

And those Samsung commercials, like this one, that told a fibby-fib:

The study also found that customers who purchased iPhones tended to be younger than those who purchased Samsung phones. 69% of those that bought an iPhone were between the ages of 18 and 34 compared to only 64% of Samsung buyers. Apple buyers had a slightly higher income, with 38% reporting an income over $75,000 compared to 29% of Samsung buyers. 48% of Apple buyers also had a college degree, compared to 32% of Samsung buyers. 

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