Mobile Commerce Numbers for Thanksgiving: iOS Wins

Thanksgiving Sales from iOS crushes Android

This year again Apple’s iOS devices are generating more sales and profit than Android devices.  IBM and Adobe have released some sales and traffic for this Thanksgiving and Black Friday and Android is getting hammered again.

The Business Insider reported this in Here’s A Problem With The Theory That Android Is Taking Over The World:

“Both IBM and Adobe are reporting that Apple’s iOS, which powers iPhones and iPads, is destroying Google’s Android in mobile shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.”

The chart above shows sales in millions of dollars generated by iOS devices compared to sales coming from Android devices.  While iOS phones beat Android phones by a health margin, Android tablets get absolutely demolished by Apple’s iPads.  This is especially important to note because tablets are generating such an enormous portion of the sales compared to phones.  And tablets enable a much better user experience for shopping and therefore more people will want to use a tablet for mobile commerce than a phone.

It’s also very interesting because it might indicate a critical usage trend in mobile devices.  Perhaps the real price to be paid by so many Android tablet makers creating cheap and crappy quality tablets with lousy user experiences, is that people don’t want to use them.  This type of thing could be a vindication that Apple’s focus on quality hardware and great user experiences is more important than the price of the device.

…Make cheap… get cheap.

A lot of tech pundits ramble on and on about market share when comparing iOS and Android, and don’t spend enough or usually ANY time on profit and revenue.  This chart compares traffic and sales numbers from IBM, against market share numbers from comScore.

Traffic and sales versus market share

These kinds of reports, that dig deeper than just the one dimensional view of the world presented by people obsessed with market share, are common but not talked about enough.  They clearly show that iOS users consistently spend more money than Android users and generate more revenue and profit for e-commerce companies, app developers, content providers and mobile device manufacturers.  The Macalope has been trying to teach pundits these lessons for quite a while.

The message is that market share is not relevant – Profits and revenues are what matter most.

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