Time to kill off Windows RT

Microsoft’s Julie Larson-Green in March 2012

With the massive failure of Surface, the upheaval in management and the comically embarrassing fumble with Windows RT, it’s time.  Microsoft may be finally ready to kill Windows RT.

At a UBS seminar Microsoft senior executive, Julie Larson-Green, appears to have admitted the failure of Microsoft to make a dent in tablets and sell Windows RT to partners and customers.

The Guardian reported:

Larson-Green, who is executive vice-president of Devices and Studios at Microsoft, said that the aim of Windows RT was “our first go at creating that more closed, turnkey experience [that Apple has on the iPad]…” but that Microsoft now has three mobile operating systems: “We have the Windows Phone OS. We have Windows RT and we have full Windows. We’re not going to have three.”

Frankly her comments and Microsoft’s newer Surface and Nokia tablet marketing fills me with NO hope that Microsoft “gets it”.  They are still using the same old strategy with the same old perspectives, that have failed and failed again.

They are now facing much stronger and smarter competition in their core businesses.  PCs, OSes, Office and servers from Apple, Google, open source and more.  They’ve gone absolutely nowhere in phones and tablets, after over a decade of trying and still showing no signs that they get it yet.  Inertia and a dying monopoly will keep them alive for a while.  Perhaps long enough to make the massive cultural and technological changes needed to stay a player.  But then again….

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