WWDC iOS 8 Banner Hinting at Something ?

iOS 8 Banner at WWDC 2014
iOS 8 Banner at WWDC 2014
When the iOS 8 banner went up today at Moscone Center for WWDC 2014, I noticed something interesting.  It’s water background.  Reminiscent of the OS X Mavericks banner that went up last year and very different than the iOS 7 banner also at WWDC 2013.

Is something meaningful behind this ?

OS X Mavericks Banner at WWDC 2013
OS X Mavericks Banner at WWDC 2013
See last year OS X names shifted from cat breeds to California landmarks, like the famous Mavericks surf spot in northern California.  Hence the water theme.  So why is a watery background, that appears to be an underwater shot, showing up this year for iOS 8 ?

iOS 7 Banner at WWDC 2013
iOS 7 Banner at WWDC 2013
It could just be cool looking.  But Apple is a company that pays extreme attention to every little detail.  Even the tiniest things mean something.  They put it there by design.  Whether is a UX design, a hardware product, a UI or an ad.  Even something very small can have great meaning and purpose.  Especially in marketing.  And they have a history of hinting at something in the marketing just before an event like this one. 

Naming scheme for iOS ?

Is it a hint at a new naming scheme for iOS versions, similar to what they did for OS X last year when they shifted from cat breeds (Lion, Mountain Lion, etc.) to California landmarks (Mavericks, Yosemite, Mohave, etc.) ?  Apple trademarked a number of these names in April and more just recently.

OS X Banner at WWDC 2014
OS X Banner at WWDC 2014
The new OS X banner hints at the new name for OS X 10.10 being perhaps Yosemite.

Convergence of OS X and iOS ?

I think the convergence of Mac OS X and iOS is inevitable.  Consider this:

So, is the water theme on the iOS 8 banner related to the water them of Mac OS X ?

Although I do think convergence is inevitable, I don’t think we’ll see it occur this year.  It takes a lot of work to create a great convergence device.  The UX with a touch device is fundamentally different than a notebook.  A tablet UX is very different than a smartphone, and although related, requires different app design techniques to create a great UX.  And Apple is all about creating great user experiences.
But the competition is trying to innovate all the time.  With Microsoft pushing the Surface and Windows 8 touch PCs, with their merging of PC and tablet.  With Google and Android pushing convergence devices.  They still need a lot of work, but eventually they will get there.  So Apple must be and seems to be working towards it too.  And I’m sure that they are putting in the care and effort to create a great user experience, so that when they finally do launch convergent devices, they will blow the competition’s attempts out of the water.
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