iOS 8 Beta 2 Update

Apple updated the iOS 8 Beta today to Beta 2.  This article gives a quick update on my first observations and some useful links to learn more about iOS 8.

For iOS 8 Beta installation steps, tips and more check out my blog article How To Safely Test iOS 8 Beta.  Also check out all articles on iOS 8 in this blog.

My Observations

Easy To Upgrade

As with iOS 7 Betas, the iOS 8 Betas are easy to upgrade over the air using the standard method to upgrade iOS via the Settings app under General > Software Update.

The download is small but expect the install to take quite a while.  On my iPad Air (the latest model) the install process, which runs on the device, took longer than it took my MacBook to download and install the Yosemite Dev Preview 2 update – over 30 minutes.  Not a big deal really, but worth noting.  And worth the wait.

Updates In Place – No Restore Needed

As with other beta updates and most iOS released version updates, the iOS 8 Beta 2 update installed in place and did not require a restore because the update wiped the device.

Faster and More Stable

No major shocker, Beta 2 is faster and more stable.  The first Beta of iOS 8 took a performance hit – to be expected as the first iOS 7 beta also felt sluggish and the iOS 7 beta 2 also had a noticeable performance improvement.

The iOS 8 Beta 1 had some stability problems with built in apps like Apple Maps, Mail, etc.  To be expected.  So far in Beta 2 many of those issues that I encountered seem to be corrected.

New Features

Here are some links to some great articles on iOS 8 Features – listed in the order I suggest you read them:

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