VMware Fusion now supports Mac OS X Yosemite as Host OS

VMware Fusion now working on Yosemite
VMware Fusion now working on Yosemite
VMware has updated Fusion to v6.0.4 on July 1, 2014, which now allows you to use Mac OS X Yosemite Developer Preview as the host OS.  For those not familiar with VM tech, this means you can now run the VMware Fusion app on Yosemite – making Yosemite the host OS of Fusion.

As I explained in my first blog article on Yosemite How To Safely Test OS X Yosemite Beta, VMware Fusion v6.0.3 would not run on a Yosemite host.  But Yosemite could be run as a guest OS (inside a VM).  Although the v6.0.4 Release Notes makes no mention of this, it is working for me.

Although official support for Yosemite is not clear, it is probably not supported if you tried to get support from VMware.  The VMware Fusion System Requirements page says “Mac OS X 10.7.0 or later”, but it is not listed on the page that displays when you click on the supported OS link at the bottom of that page.

How to get VMware Fusion updated

Download a full DMG file

If you have an VMware account that you used to purchase Fusion, you can download v6.0.4 here from the My VMware section of the site.  The DMG will be able to do a complete new install or upgrade an existing install.  You’ll of course need a valid license key.

This is the way I updated my Fusion v6.0.3 install that remained when I upgraded my Mavericks OS install to Yosemite.  It worked just fine.

Update from existing install

Another way is to do an upgrade from an existing Fusion install on Mavericks.  Since you have to do this from within Fusion, and Fusion v6.0.3 or earlier will not run on Yosemite, that’s why you need to have a working Mavericks install.  Which is what I also have and I recommended in How To Safely Test OS X Yosemite Beta.

Once you have a Fusion v6.0.4 installed on your Mavericks install, copy the file to your Yosemite machine.  
NOTE:  That I have not tested this myself, because I did not need to, but this has worked for me with other apps so it may also work for Fusion.  I do know that this approach does not work for Microsoft Office, because Microsoft makes a total mess of the software install tossing files all over the file system like Windows apps do.  Most Mac apps seem to be much better behaved than Windows apps.
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