Mobile Commerce & iBeacon Developments

I’ve been writing a lot about iBeacon and it’s impact on Mobile Commerce and it’s other applications, because I think it has tremendous potential to combine the virtual online world with the physical world in amazing new ways. And when you add in the giant technology advance that Apple Watch will bring, the mind boggles at the possibilities.

Here are the highlights in this article:

  • Apple’s Rumored Loyalty Rewards Program 
  • Apple Pay Advances Mobile Commerce Dramatically 
  • Apple Stores and Disney Stores Rolling out new iBeacon Transmitters
  • Apple working on iBeacon Transmitter Tech
  • More iBeacon Transmitter Vendors
  • Virgin Atlantic to Integrate iBeacon in London’s Heathrow Airport
  • New Innovative use of iBeacon

Apple’s Rumored Loyalty Rewards Program

Apple is rumored to be working on a loyalty rewards program that may combine iBeacon with Apple Pay to do some amazing things.  An innovation that requires the thinking outside the box and great design that Apple is famous for, is mentioned in the article.  It involves integrating iAds and iBeacon with Apple Pay to further monetize the tech and target promotions based on location.

The potential customer experience is elegant, useful and powerful.  A customer walking near or through a store gets a push notification of a product on sale.

Apple Pay Advances Mobile Commerce Dramatically

Apple Pay is revolutionizing how we pay for things in physical stores and online stores.  It’s a gigantic leap forward in security and privacy, with a incredibly simple and fast customer experience.  Check out the blog articles I’ve written about Apple Pay for lots more.

Apple Stores and Disney Stores Rolling out new iBeacon Transmitters

In preparation the release of Apple Pay, Apple Stores and Disney Stores were reported to be rolling out new updated iBeacon transmitters and NFC readers.  Besides enabling Apple Pay via the NFC readers, the updated iBeacon transmitters could be used to improve the customer experience with their apps while in stores.  The updated transmitters could provide more precision that can make new and more engaging customer experiences with the apps.

Apple working on iBeacon Transmitter Tech

FCC filings were discovered that may reveal that Apple has plans for it’s own first-party iBeacon hardware.  This might be used in Apple branded iBeacon transmitters.  Or it could be integrated in to other products and combined with HomeKit to enable some very cool home automation experiences.

More iBeacon Transmitter Vendors

Apple Stores and Disney Stores were reported to be rolling out new updated iBeacon transmitters from Gimbal.  Gimbal is going beyond just the transmitters and also offering the platform tech to make it an even more robust solution.  They are also offering central device management that can remotely configure, monitor and upgrade iBeacon transmitters, analytics and integration of massive scale push notification services through their partnership with Urban Airship.

Estimote has iBeacon compatible transmitters called Estimote Beacons.  And they are working on a new device that is crazy small called an Estimate Sticker that can literally be stuck on anything.  They are so small they can be stuck on products and other objects.

Roximity is also selling iBeacon transmitters and also offers central management of beacons, analytics and more.  Motorola offers their MPact beacon technology and has partnerships with a number of solution companies focused on specific industries and apps.  GPShopper offers beacons and other mobile commerce tech.

Virgin Atlantic to Integrate iBeacon in London’s Heathrow Airport

Virgin Atlantic was reported to be planning to integrate iBeacon transmitter in London’s Heathrow airport near businesses and terminals to notify visitors of promotional deals and areas of interest.  These kind of venue based deployments, like the one that Major League Baseball did in ballparks and an NBA team did in Oracle Arena, will become more and more common.

New Innovative use of iBeacon

In my previous iBeacon articles I’ve made note of some interesting uses like in gaming, home automation or unlocking hotel room doors.  But this is perhaps one of the most usual.  United Nations used iBeacons to simulate a minefield & raise awareness at a NY museum.  

See ?  The possibilities are really endless.

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