Using Jira with Scrum at Apple Training – 2015

Training courseware that I developed and conducted in 2015 at Apple for Jira Software and how I optimized Jira for Scrum.

Here is some content for training sessions on using Jira Software from Atlassian with the Scrum framework that I did while at Apple in 2014 and 2015.

Background on this Training

When I joined Apple in the Apple Online Store (AOS) engineering group in 2014, I brought years of experience with Jira, Agile and Scrum, so I quickly discovered that the Jira implementation that Apple had been using for years, was not optimally configured to support Scrum. I had designed and implemented customized Jira schemes at several other companies, for Screens, Issue Types, Workflows, Fields, etc. designed and optimized for Scrum In 2014 I wrote an article on this topic, titled How To make JIRA Agile sing a great Scrum tune that documents all of it.

I created this small slide deck to do some review and training sessions with engineers and managers, on the configuration improvements that I made to the Jira implementation that we used at Apple. At that time Apple had made a huge investment in transforming the engineering group to Agile practices using the Scrum framework for software development.

Course Topics & Courseware

The courseware that I created below covers these topics. In the sessions I conducted I used these slides to guide discussions and live demos.

  • Jira Optimized for Scrum – Simplifying Jira for a More Agile Apple Online Store (AOS) Engineering Group
  • Jira Issue Types Compared
  • Jira Screens Compared
  • Jira Workflows Compared
  • The confusing, broken & incorrect functionality that was replaced
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