Scrum Alliance publishes: Adopt Scrum for Competitive Advantage

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Note that Scrum Alliance has indefinitely suspended the member-submitted article section of their website while they work on a redesign. So this article is not accessible there.
Project Success Rates: Agile vs Waterfall
Project Success Rates: Agile vs Waterfall

I am proud to announce that the Scrum Alliance editorial team has reviewed, approved and published my article titled Adopt Scrum for Competitive Advantage.

What’s it about ?

Everything is moving faster, so agility is needed now more than ever. In this article, I’ll dive into the reasons for implementing Scrum. For example:

  • Why Scrum is required these days
  • Studies that demonstrate Scrum project success rates over a decade
  • Why Scrum is a significant competitive advantage

Who is the Scrum Alliance ?

The is the non-profit organization that manages the official Scrum certifications, training, events, community and more.

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