Apple Open Sources HomeKit Accessory Development Kit

Opening up HomeKit is a great step forward for Apple. HomeKit security is superior to home automation tech from Amazon, Google, Samsung, etc. But Apple needs to do more to push HomeKit forward.

HomeKit Begins to Support Open Source

From AppleInsider, Apple open-sources HomeKit Accessory Development Kit to spur adoption, grow new standard.

Apple has published an open-source version of its HomeKit Accessory Development Kit, allowing more users to experiment with the development of HomeKit accessories. The release is designed to accelerate development of a new universal smart home standard created by a consortium of companies including Apple, Amazon, Google and the Zigbee Alliance.


Bad Security in Home Tech is a Ticking Bomb

Apple still needs to do much much more for HomeKit, like introduce their own home automation products and continue to improve the UX of the Home app. But HomeKit security is far superior to everyone else’s, and that is essential for home automation tech. Which is why years ago I decided to only buy products that worked with HomeKit.

There have already been well publicized stories of home tech being hacked. Apple stuck to their convictions when it came to security in HomeKit, which slowed adoption of HomeKit in many home tech products. Years ago people where not paying attention to their security and privacy, but times have changed a lot.

The lack of attention to fundamentals like security in other home tech, is going to blow up eventually if they don’t fix it.

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