Apple Sure Engineered the Crap Outta That !!!

The new Mac Pro went on order last Tue and shipped out today, and yeshk it’s a beast !!! They sure engineered the crap outta the thing. It’s a marvel of engineering prowess and excellence. Both the Mac Pro and the Pro Display too.

Of course we did know that from the announcement. But now it’s really real, and holy hell, it’s awesome !!!

The engineer in me wants one real bad. But the dude who would have to dump out his wallet, says that’s friggin’ nuts, so… ahhhhh… NO way dude. They’re the same guy so I’m torn, but the wallet guy wins out. Even the engineer dude would be embarrassed to fork over that kinda dough ray me, oh my oh. Cause its just too much power, and he’d never be able to use it all.

Mac Pro 2019 Fans in the Back

The Hypercar of Computers

Says the headline of the Popular Mechanics article, The Thermodynamics Behind the Mac Pro, the Hypercar of Computers. Every engineer or aspiring engineer has GOTTA love that title !!! But the tagline is even more awesome.

We asked Apple how you keep a super-powerful consumer computer from melting.

LMFAO !!! MELTING ???!!! That’s crazy cool !!!

In the article they interviewed Apple engineers Chris Ligtenberg and John Ternus. Here’s just one bit that says it all.

“Years ago, we started redistributing the blades. They’re still dynamically balanced, but they’re actually randomized in terms of their BPF [blade pass frequency]. So you don’t get huge harmonics that tend to be super annoying.”
Noise is a major factor in the design of modern machinery. In this case: “That [solution is] borrowed almost entirely from automobile tires,” Ligtenberg says. “There’s a bit of math behind it, but you can create broadband noise instead of total noise with that technique.”

Apple engineer, Chris Ligtenberg

They engineered the crap outta the fans people !!! (Mic drop)

It is this incredible attention to details that makes Apple, Apple. And why their build quality kicks everybody else’s ass all over the place, and twice on Thursdays.

Pro Display Nano-Texture Glass Needs a Special Cleaning Cloth

From MacRumor’s article Apple’s Pro Display XDR With Nano-Texture Can Only Be Cleaned With Special Apple-Provided Cloth:

According to an Apple support document, the Pro Display XDR with nano-texture glass must be cleaned only with the dry polishing cloth that Apple provides. No water or liquids should be used to clean the glass.

Apple warns that Pro Display XDR owners should never use any other cloths to clean the glass, and if the included dry polishing cloth is lost, Apple Support should be contacted so another cloth can be ordered.

This depth of engineering, attention and care is just amazing.

Mac Pro 2019 Pro Display XDR Front & Back

Although I’m sure those without an appreciation of the engineering talent that went into something like this Pro display and the Mac Pro, will likely use it to poke fun at how Apple makes expensive stuff. While that’s hardly an original comment, it also misses the point entirely. Yeah the Pro display is very expensive, and yeah Apple stumbled when they announced it and fed right into the Apple is expensive trope. But that’s missing the true meaning.

Special Limited Edition Magic Keyboard and Mouse Too

Mac Pro 2019 Special Edition Magic Mouse in Silver & Black

Continuing in the attention to detail dept – Like they did with the iMac Pro, they have special black and silver editions of the Magic Keyboard and Mouse that are only available with the Mac Pro. When the iMac Pro first shipped it was the Space Gray editions, that were later made available separately.

This one’s just a nice, classy touch. And is very Apple.

Mac Pro 2019 Special Edition Magic Keyboard in Silver & Black

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