Apple Will Attend CES To Promote HomeKit – This Is A Huge Deal

Apple having an official presence at CES 2020 is the first time in decades that they have attended is huge. And for it to be about HomeKit makes it doubly huge.

As reported by Bloomberg, Apple will make a rare official appearance and an Apple executive Jane Horvath is scheduled to speak on a consumer privacy panel Jan. 7. But don’t expect any new hardware announcements.

Apple participating in CES at all is a huge deal because they haven’t in ages. They famously stopped doing events at even the MacWorld expo, in favor of doing their own.

And in light of all the very recent HomeKit activity, with the new Home Automation Alliance and open sourcing the HomeKit Accessory Development Kit, it’s doubly huge that Apple’s CES attendance is about HomeKit. It’s a major confirmation that Apple is not going to let HomeKit die, like they have with so many other technologies.

HomeKit is especially well suited to CES because it’s value depends completely on how many other consumer product companies support it. And CES is by far the best event to do that at.

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