Lenovo Laptop with 2nd Screen – Please Don’t Do That

From the “No body needs that, so please don’t” department: At CES 2020 Lenovo announced a new ThinkBook Plus with a 10.8-inch E ink display on the lid. This is a really really bad idea that is a very bad User eXperience (UX) design. This is what happens when tech companies do something just because they can, even when they shouldn’t.

A Display on the What Now ?

Tom’s Hardware reports on Lenovo’s ThinkBook Plus Laptop Has a Second Screen on the Lid.

The ThinkBook Plus was announced here at CES 2020, and it comes with a secondary display meant to foster collaboration. While the main, 13.3-inch FHD display is closed, the E Ink screen can show email and calendar notifications from Microsoft Outlook. You can also use it to take notes with Lenovo’s included stylus.

Tom’s Hardware

John Gruber of Daring Fireball says it best:

This is a dumb idea. It’s a feature, not a bug, that when your laptop is closed it doesn’t reveal anything at all. Who wants their closed laptop to show email notifications? This is what smartphones (and watches) are for. When is the last time you had your laptop with you but not your phone?

John Gruber, Daring Fireball

But There’s More Dumb Design

Besides the second screen, there are a few other tricks up the ThinkBook’s sleeve. It has Amazon’s Alexa assistant built in, which will also work when the laptop is closed. There are also hotkeys for Skype and a power button with an integrated fingerprint reader.

Tom’s Hardware

Seriously !!! Alexa !? Did they just dis Microsoft’s Cortana ? And those Skype hotkeys won’t age well.

Thick & Clunky Are Now Features ?

Look at how thick and clunky this thing is ? Thick is not in. And sharp angles… Not, either.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus with E-Ink Display on the Lid Is Really Thick

And Huge Bezels Are Back BABY !!!


Check out the huge bottom bezel on the internal display. It’s soooo awkward looking, it looks like an early prototype. This should NOT ship like this.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus with E-Ink Display on the Lid – Internal Display and Keyboard

And even huger bezels on the outside E-ink display. I mean, that’s just nuts.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus with E-Ink Display on the Lid – Lid Display

Is It Useful ?

We’ll have to wait to spend more time with the ThinkBook Plus to decide just how useful a second screen on the lid can be.

Tom’s Hardware

Spoiler: That would be, ahhhh… No.

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