New iPad Pro is Just a Feature Bump

The new 2020 iPad Pro adds some cool features for sure, but it's not the big improve that is typical. That's actually not a bad thing.

The new 2020 iPad Pro adds some cool features for sure, but it’s not the big improve that is typical. That’s actually not a bad thing.

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Small Improvements:

Apple added a just few improvements:

  • 1 more GPU core to the A12Z Bionic chip.
  • Cool new Pro level wide and ultra wide cameras.
  • LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) Scanner.

Compared to previous iPad upgrades, this one is relatively small. The A12Z is basically the A12X that was in the 2018 iPad Pro, with 1 more GPU core enabled – 8 GPU cores instead of the 7 from almost 2 years ago. And not, as Apple had done in the past, an iPad enhanced version of the A13 that was in last fall’s iPhone 11. So that accounts for the essentially no CPU performance bump and small GPU performance bump over the 2018.

While kinda unusual for Apple to announce and ship an iPad with so few improvements and no event, that’s a good thing that they are more and more updating some of their products more frequently and getting them out there without requiring an announcement event.

So if you already have a 2018 iPad Pro (3rd Generation), like I do, you really don’t need to upgrade to this one. I won’t be. But if you need an iPad Pro, this is the one to get.

BIG News is the new Magic Keyboard with a Trackpad:

The big iPad hardware news is the new Magic Keyboard with a built in trackpad, that will ship in May. That’s a big improvement over the 2018 Smart Keyboard Folio for the iPad Pro (3rd Generation) – that’s the one I’ve owned since it shipped in Nov 2018 with that year’s iPad Pro. For animations and details on the new Magic Keyboard, check out the Magic Keyboard section of the iPad Pro product page.

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