More COVID-19 Tracing Apps, But Where The Hell Is California’s ?

More states and countries release Covid-19 tracing apps, but where the hell is California's app ? Tech center of the known universe, and home to Apple and Google, but Cali's still got nothin' !!!

More states and countries release COVID-19 tracing apps, but where the hell is California’s app ? Tech center of the known universe, and home to Apple and Google, but Cali’s still got nothin’ !!!

More States and Countries

MacRumors via Reuters reported yesterday that now North Dakota, Wyoming and Alabama are the latest US states to launch apps that support the Exposure Notification API that Apple and Google jointed developed and shipped MONTHS ago. Virginia released their app in the first week of Aug, Canada at the end of July, even the UK finally got a clue and announced in June that it would support the API instead of doing their own poorly design thing.

In mid June Germany, Poland, and Saudi Arabia became the latest to release apps. Saudi friggin’ Arabia of all places, before most US states !!! And to state what cannot be overstated more, the US and California are the homes of Apple and Google, the creators of both the API and OS technologies !!!

That Apple/Google initiative to develop the Exposure Notification API, was announced in early April and shipped by Apple in iOS 13.5 on May 20. That’s MAY California !!! BTW, here’s a pretty good guide to the Exposure Notification System on MacRumors.

Where the Hell is CALI !!!???

Meanwhile, California’s web site has got NOTHIN’ about an app. My searches turned up nothin’ on the subject of the Exposure Notification API. But they sure are rockin’ old school contact tracing like it’s 1918 !!! Whoop, whoop !!! That’s a 1918 Spanish Flu reference folks – the last gigantic pandemic where everybody all over the world responded responsibly by wearing masks, social distancing and other actions.

There’s also nothing on the county of Santa Clara’s COVID-19 web site. Santa Clara county in California is where I live and also the home of the headquarter’s of Apple in Cupertino. I live just 6 miles from Apple’s HQ at Apple Park.

YO CALI !!! We still need to smartin’ up !!!

Search of for Exposure Notification API

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