Get New Apple Silicon MacBook Air for just $426

Get the brand new $999 Apple Silicon based MacBook Air for just $425.83 after a trade-in and Apple Card cash back.

You can get the brand new $999 Apple Silicon based MacBook Air for just $425.83 after a trade-in and Apple Card cash back. And another bonus of using the Apple Card is you essentially can get a 12 month interest free loan and pay it off monthly at $36.58 per month. Here are the numbers.

Show Me The Numbers

With the excellent trade-in values that Apple products hold, and the benefits of Apple Card with cash back and interest free monthly payments, Apple products are an incredibly good deal. In addition to being the best designed and engineered hardware products ever.

It’s especially worth noting the trade-in that Apple offers because some other trade-in vendors have pitiful offers. For example Gazelle is offering $288. Although offers can vary greatly. Some are claiming $400 or more than $550.

Apple Silicon MacBook Air 2020 13″$999.00
Trade-in of MacBook Air 2019 13″
(original purchase price from Amazon in Oct 2019 = $899.99)
Apple Card Daily Cash Back at 3%($13.17)
Purchase Price$425.83
Apple Card 12 month interest free payments$36.58 per month

My Top 3 Features

Here are the top 3 features that I’m expecting from the new Apple Silicon based Macs and why I bought it.

Apple Silicon MacBook Air 2020


The app I used most is Safari. I use it like its a virtual desk full of stacks of pages of paper and books, that I can quickly switch back and forth between them by keeping lots of tabs open and organized into many many windows by workflow task or subject. So I’m a web browser power user.

A lot of web sites are performance pigs – I’m lookin’ at you LinkedIn and almost every news site. Many are just poorly designed and engineered. So much so that if I leave their pages open in a background window, they will peg the processor and cause the fan to kick it. Heating my the MacBook and consuming battery. The only way to avoid this is to minimize the windows. And forget about using Chrome. It a notorious processor and battery hog, and is much worse at dealing with these poorly engineered web sites.

Instant On

Intel based computers, even after decades of engineering improvements, still suck at coming out of sleep. Even the extremely well engineered 2019 MacBook Air often is frozen for a few seconds after opening the lid and coming out of sleep, causing the mouse and keyboard to be unresponsive.

I expected Apple Silicon to much better at this, so I was thrilled when Craig Federighi highlighted it in the Apple Event on November 10.

While not as big a problem, I also hope that boot times are reduced too. Although boot times on other Apple designed silicon based devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV are horrendously bad, it would be a big deal if a Mac was that bad. Apple fans would make a huge stink if boot times got worse on Apple Silicon based Macs.

Battery Life

And of course, as expected from a Apple designed Silicon based device, Mac battery life are improving significantly.

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