Apple Silicon M1 Mac’s Big Sur Problems FIXED !!!

The major problems that I reported a week ago have been fixed by the Big Sur 11.1 update - no problems after running the update for a week.

The major problems that I reported a week ago in Apple Silicon M1 Mac’s BIG, Big Sur Problems !!! have been fixed by the Big Sur v11.1 update. After a week of running the 11.1 update I have not had any problems with Big Sur.

Big Sur’s BIG Fix

Apple released the Big Sur v11.1 update a week ago, and so I’ve been running the v11.1 update since, with no reliability or performance problems.

Usually I would have wanted to wait perhaps another week to report my results, in order to be sure. For my first of the bugs, I accumulated documentation of the bugs for almost 4 full weeks before reporting it, in order to be sure and to have a solid case. For this update I waited only 1 week, because performance has been consistently good with no problems for the entire week, and because these bugs are a very big deal. So I decided it was best to publish now, rather than wait for more time to past to confirm the bugs are fixed. If a problem does appear, I will publish an update.

Memory Pressure has stayed steady all week, looking like this.

Memory Pressure is Steady on M1 Macbook Air with macOS Big Sur

Fully Loaded and All Is Well

For the last week I’ve been running these 17 Apple created apps, in addition to Finder. I left macOS running like this all week long, without a restart, using it for an 1 or 2 each day and letting sleep on battery in between. No crashes while quitting Safari and relaunching it. And no crashes when finally restarting macOS today.

Running 17 Apple apps plus Finder on M1 Macbook Air with macOS Big Sur

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