macOS Monterey Beta Works on VMware Fusion for Mac

Successfully tested the macOS Monterey Public Beta on VMware Fusion for Mac, and it works. Even though VMware Fusion is not officially supporting it yet. Here's how.

I successfully tested the macOS Monterey Public Beta on VMware Fusion for Mac, and it works. And the VMware Tools work too. Although VMware is not officially supporting it yet, so far it works just fine. Here’s how.

macOS Monterey Beta running in a VMware VM

Started with macOS Big Sur in a VM

Since I do a lot of testing and development on various OSes and apps, I have an up to date base install of macOS Big Sur, Catalina and more ready to go at all times in a Virtual Machine (VM).

Not Officially Supported

When brand new OSes are released in betas, it is normal that VMware and Parallels don’t say too much about them, and do not officially support running them as a guest OS in a VM, and especially not as a host OS. However, it’s also pretty normal in my experience that running beta OSes as a guest in a VM works fine. For the host OS, I strongly recommend against running a beta or any unsupported OS as the host. And that’s really unnecessary anyway, because you can safely run just about any OS in a VM.

Sign Up, Enable and Install

It’s pretty straightforward to get Apple OS betas.

  1. Sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program. An Apple ID is required.
  2. Read over the Apple Guide for Public Betas.
  3. From your macOS VM, follow the instructions on Enroll Your Devices – To Get Public Beta Software.

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