Apple’s M1 MacBook Pro Reviews – If You Watch Just One, Watch This

There are a ton of reviews for Apple's new M1 Pro and M1 Max based MacBooks Pro. To help you out, here's the ONE video review you need to watch, if you can only watch one. I watched them all, so YOU don't have to !!!

There are a ton of reviews for Apple’s new M1 Pro and M1 Max based MacBooks Pro, that dropped already this week. As you saw in Reviews Drop for Apple’s New Beasts – M1 Pro & M1 Max MacBooks there is just so much to see and so little time. To help you out, here’s the ONE video review you need to watch, if you can only watch one. I watched them all, so YOU don’t have to !!!

Quick Review of the Reviews

Yes, I spent hours last night watching 17 review videos on YouTube, and it was…. yeah… Somethin’

While very informative and often interesting, there was a sameness to them all. And that sameness comes down to this – They were all done by professional tech reviewers. Most knew what they were talking about. And the very few that didn’t, will go nameless here, because that’s not the point I wanna make just now.

While all that was great and I’m glad I watched them all, and yes they are all pro users, and most may even be MacBook Pro users – they are all professional reviewers. What they were missing was a real user’s perspective.

See Reactions From A Real User – Not Just A Reviewer

This review video from iJustine stood out. Not just because Justine is good at it, entertaining, is genuine, and a self described fan-girl. But because she spent a lot of the time in her video with a real pro user.

Justine is based in Los Angeles, where, it should be no surprise to anyone, is home to a lot of professional video and movie creators. A ton of which, if not most, use Macs. And media production is one of those pros that the Pro in MacBook Pro is designed for.

Starting at about 6:35 in the video embedded below, Justine begins talking with Nathan Haugaard who is a professional cinematographer – check out his web site, Nathan Haugaard, to see his work.

Heart Stopping Power – “This is INSANE”

The next to the BEST part of Justine’s conversation with Nathan is below at 9:45 when he first wraps his brain around how much power the M1 Max truly has.

Mind BLOWN – “Game Changing”

OK OK…. HERE’S the best part….. M1 Max is SOOOOO FAST Nathan can’t believe what he’s seeing.

Below starting at 10:25. Very cool. Just… just hit play…

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