Big Blog News: New Name, New Technology & New Content Coming

New name is New technology platform is WordPress. And new content on Agile and tech ideas is coming, that's been building up while I worked on the implementation and migration of WordPress.

I’ve been writing about technology longer than anyone rational would wish to admit – since high school, which was, sadly, well before the Internet. I’ve written as a paid professional writer, and much more often, just because I was driven to. And I started this blog back in 2012 to have a place to vent ideas.

Burning Hours

Lately, I’ve been burning hundreds of hours over the last many months searching for better technology and tools. WordPress is so huge and powerful, I’ve could have burning much more time. I’m a perfectionist so that would have been easy. But I finally had to just stop and get it out there, even though there’s lots more work still to do. I realized, like I did when I was writing the monster sized almost 15,000 words iPhone X review, that to keep my sanity I needed to publish something, so I broke it in to 2 parts. Part 1 and Part 2. So this is my WordPress implementation with most of the big essential features implemented, and over time I’ll add to it.

While it’s been fun and exhausting, frustrating and enlightening, a giant time suck and occasionally inspiring. Some times wondering if it’s worth it to keep doing this.

Inspiration Found

I’m a huge fan of John Gruber, creator of Daring Fireball, who is a real professional writer. John just posted something that gave me a boast of mojo and rekindled my enthusiasm to keep going. It was a quote from Brent Simmons that he published in his blog inessential about his blog’s 20th birthday.

Old proverb: “The best time to start a blog is 20 years ago. The second-best time is today.” 🙂

The frustration, exhaustion and huge time sucking, makes me wonder often if I should keep doing this. After all, it’s not making me any money here. This reminded me why I should. Thanks John and Brent.

Besides, where the hell else can I get this stuff outta me ? Apparently, I’m compelled to write, even if it doesn’t make me a dime.

New Name

So why did I call it Now Everybody’s Got One ?  Why else ?  Cause I thought it was funny.  I was joining the crowd and publishing a blog – now everybody’s got one.  Or as the old joke goes:

What do opinions and…. aaaah….. belly buttons (or fill in your preferred shared body part here) – have in common ?  
Everybody’s got one :-)) was a cute name, but kinda long, not easy to remember, and took some explaining to understand why that name. is…. well, not that. It is, however, also has a double meaning and is a play on words. Phonetically it means, atoms and bits. Which is a somewhat common phrase in the technology business that refers to the 2 essential parts of great products and great customer experiences. Atoms are the hardware. Bits are the software.

Adams, of course, literally refers to my last name. And bits refers to ideas, thoughts, rants, and hopefully maybe even a few bits of wisdom too.

Move to WordPress Technology Platform

I’ve finally gotten the hell off of Google’s Blogger. Google’s been letting Blogger die a sad lonely painful death for years, like they’ve done with many products. But it still keeps on kicking. Google hasn’t pulled the plug… yet. Although they really should. At this point it would just be a necessary mercy killing really. I’ve been on Blogger since 2012 so it’s time for me to go. is now hosted on WordPress under its new name Over the last couple of years off and on, I looked at lots of different technologies. And after a ton of research, testing and experimentation I chose WordPress for a bunch of reasons that I’ll write about in a future article.

If you’re not familiar with WordPress, it’s an open source publishing platform or Content Management System (CMS) that powers something like 34% of all the sites on the web, and of all sites that use a CMS about 61% use WordPress. WordPress started way back in 2003. It was based on b2/cafelog that was developed in early 2001 as a blogging tool. Since then WordPress has evolved way beyond just blogs, into the most powerful content publishing platform on the Internet. Some of the biggest names in publishing are powered by WordPress.

Now that I’ve finally dumped Blogger for the super powerful WordPress, my hope is to step up my writing and blogging game. So stay tuned and I hope you like what you read. And as always, let me know what you think in the comments.

New Content Coming

With all this time attention consumed by the tech part of this, I’ve got dozens of ideas that I’ll be publishing as quickly as I can.

More Agile Content Coming

There’s also a fair amount of Agile content that I’ve written over the years, that I didn’t publish in this blog. Instead, I published on internal company wikis. So I’ll be collectedly that up and getting it out as it was written. So basically I’ll do a content migration and re-format, so I can get it out quicker. Then later on, I’ll try to improve it, by going back through each piece 1 at a time and refresh the content, do some re-writing, and updating of ideas.

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